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We have the rabbit polyclonal pan arrestin antibody (AB2914-200) of lot number 118458 and have used it for Western blotting. There are two strong bands on the blot, one of ~83 kDa and another of ~40 kDa, and a few faint bands. However there is nothing of the expected 47/49 kDa size. The lysates on the blots were of two human cell lines that do express beta-arrestin. Have you had feedback from other customers on this batch of the antibody? Regards,


I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing problem with ab2914. We have not received other complaints since 2004 about this antibody and have not tested it in human samples but having done a BLAST search I found 100% homology of the immunogen with the human protein so I would expect it to work . I would like to recommend to run a positive control along your samples and I am in touch with the source of the antibody to find out what they recommend, my apologies for the delay. Without a detailed protocol it is difficult to know that the problem might be so if you please click on the link below this will take you to a protocol questionnaire to help you put your details together and add "FAO Sarah" in the additional notes I will look at your protocol as soon as I can, I look forward to hearing from you to help you more,

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