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We have the rabbit polyclonal pan arrestin antibody (AB2914-200) of lot number 118458 and have used it for Western blotting. There are two strong bands on the blot, one of ~83 kDa and another of ~40 kDa, and a few faint bands. However there is nothing of the expected 47/49 kDa size. The lysates on the blots were of two human cell lines that do express beta-arrestin. Have you had feedback from other customers on this batch of the antibody? Regards,


I have been informed this morning that the antibody was tested in WB against COS7 cell lysates overexpressing rat beta arrestin 2 (flag tagged) and have not therefore been tested against the endogenous protein. A literature search revealed that in human, beta arrestin 2 is primarily expressed in brain and spleen so these may be good positive controls to try. I hope this information will already help you and would like to offer more protocol advice if you can provide more protocol details. Maybe by increasing the amount of cell lysate loaded, increasing the amount of primary antibody, and/or increasing the incubation time and changing the blocking buffer you will be able to get a good specific band. I look forward to receiving your protocol details to be able to better help you,

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