Cell cycle G2/M transition pathway

The G2 to M-phase transition of the cell cycle can be blocked if DNA is damaged, thus preventing mitosis with damaged chromosomes after replication. This pathway card outlines the mechanisms through which DNA damage can trigger a stop at the G2 to M-phase transition.

The DNA damage responsive kinases ATR (Ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related) and ATM (Ataxia telangiectasia mutated) can trigger a DNA damage checkpoint arrest at the G2/M-transition via the Chk1 and Chk2 kinases and p53. Furthermore, the Cyclin B–Cyclin-dependent kinase 1 (Cdk1) complex plays a central role in regulating the activity of the anaphase-promoting complex (APC) and therefore entry into and progression through mitosis.

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