Chemokine signaling pathway

Chemokines are a family of small cytokines (~8kDa) whose main function is to attract immune system cells at sites of inflammation. This pathway highlights the different classes of chemokines, their receptors and how chemokine signaling activates JAK/Stat, Ras, ERK and Akt pathways.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Chemokines are classified in four groups based on the pattern of their cysteine residues, namely CXC (α chemokines), CC (β chemokines), CX3C and C. Their receptors are class A GPCRs, however not all receptors are selective for a single ligand. A chemokine may therefore bind a number of receptors and exhibit agonist behavior with some and antagonist behavior with others. Some commonly activated downstream pathways include JAK/Stat, Ras, Erk and Akt.

Download a chart of chemokines and their receptors

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