MAPK-ERK pathway poster

Investigate the role of MAPK-ERK in the regulation of cell growth and cell cycle progression.

Download the MAPK-ERK poster here

MAPK-ERK – an overview

Mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase pathways are evolutionarily conserved, through which extracellular signals are processed into intracellular responses. ERK1 and ERK2 are activated in response to various mitogenic factors, differentiation stimuli, and cytokines. ERK1/2 signaling play a critical role in cell proliferation by regulating cell growth and cell cycle progression.  Under certain conditions, ERK1/2 can also have pro-apoptotic functions which has lead this pathway to receive significant attention for development of cancer therapies.

What to expect

This poster features every step of the MAPK-ERK pathway. You will find Ras activation leading to the MAP kinase phosphorylation cascade – Raf-1 to MEK 1/2 and finally ERK1/2. You will also find various downstream targets including c-Jun, Fos, and STAT3. 

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