Question (76838) | Anti-PD-L1 antibody [28-8] (ab205921)

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Please advise what is the recommended negative control tissue for Anti-PD-L1 antibody [28-8] #ab205921 for IHC applications.


Thank you for your inquiry.

As negative control for PD-L1 I can recommend the COLO205 cell line (Ab95356).

As far as tissue goes it is unfortunately not as straight forward as tumor Specimens- PD-L1 expression varies by tumor type so screening is recommended to find positive and negative tumor controls.

We found a good negative control in a non-small cell lung cancer samples. But please be aware that many tumor specimens have some inflammatory macrophages and tumor associated immune cells which we would expect to be positive. This is why we recommend screening of different samples.

Endothelial cells can serve as negative internal controls within a positive (tumor-) tissue.

I hope you find this information helpful and wish you good luck for your research. Update: For negative control - COLO205 cell line, please see Ab95356

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