Question (8580) | Anti-Perforin antibody (ab7203)

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We spoke over the telephone when I advised that I was using this antibody in WB and requested more information about a protocol. In particular, I am interested in how the cell lysate was prepared and whether the blot was performed under reducing or non-reducing conditions. Results so far show many background bands in addition to the expect band at 66kDa, but similar results with the -ve control lysate.


We passed your enquiry on to the originator of this antibody and they have replied with the following response. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Many rat kidney models are known to contain anti-GBM antibody, which has approximately 20% cross-reactivity with anti-rabbit IgG. Since anti-rabbit IgG is the secondary Ab used to detect this rabbit polyclonal to perforin, there would be background if the sample was not well-denatured. A complete denaturing of the sample should improve the specificity.

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