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This customer would like to order ab54481 (Anti-PGC1 alpha antibody), and this antibody’s datasheet suggest it’s can’t react with zebrafish, therefore this customer would like to use ab54481 (Anti-PGC1 alpha antibody) conduct WB with zebrafish sample, would you please help this customer to create a discount code? Thanks for your kindly assistance.  


Thank you for contacting us. The alignment sequence between the Zebrafish PGC1alpha (Swiss Prot Q52MY8) and the immunogen of ab54481 shows only 28.6% homology. This antibody is therefore unlikely to recognise the Zebrafish protein, I would not recommend it to your customer and I cannot issue a testing discount code. I looked at the other anti-PGC1alpha we have in our catalog and none of them seems to be suitable for Zebrafish : ab77210 : 13.6% homology with Zebrafish PGC1alpha ab84139 : 17.6% homology with Zebrafish PGC1alpha ab106814 : 30.8% homology with Zebrafish PGC1alpha I would like to recommend checking the Biocompare website which has an excellent antibody search facility that includes many suppliers. The links are: I hope this information is nevertheless helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions in this regard.

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