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Before I'm going to use the antibody I have, I would like to check something that ab77210 and ab 72230 can detect the rat samples. Would you please let me know which one has ability to detect the rat samples?
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Anti-PGC1 alpha antibody (ab77210) has to our knowledgenot yetbeen tested with rat samples. However, the immunogen used (residues 649-799 of human PGC1 alpha, SwissProt reference shares 100 % homology with the rat protein (SwissProt reference We would therefore expect the antibody to detect the rat protein. This antibodyhas to datebeen used inWestern blotting,Flow Cytometryand ELISA.

The anti-PGC1 alpha + beta antibody (ab72230) has been tested with rat samples previously (please refer to lane 3 and 6 of the Western blot presented on the datasheet).This antibody hascurrently onlybeentested in Westernblotting.

If you areto use these antibodies with rat samples we wouldbe very interested to knowof your results. You may beaware that werun ascheme where if you share theresults of your experiments (regardless of if theyare positive or negative)with usby submitting anAbreview you can earn Abpoints. These pointscan then be redeemed against your next purchase or used toget Amazonvouchers. More information on this can be foundfrom the following link:

I hope this information has been of help. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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