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I am sorry to bother you.
I want to do western blot to detect the expression of phospholamban and phospho-phospholamban on guinea pig bladder smoothe muscle. I want to use the antibodies as following: ab85146(phospholamban) and ab15000(phospho-phospholamban)
Meanwhile, I have some questions and need your help.
1. I found two antibodies(ab85146 & ab86930) for phospholamban and one antibody(ab15000) for phospho-phospholamban. But I didn't find they can react with guinea pig in cross reactivity of their datasheet.
So, I want know whether the three antibodies can react with guinea pig of not.
2. I want to know the difference betweeb ab85146 and ab86930 and which one is more suitable for guinea pig.


Thank you for contacting us. We have not tested these antibodies in guinea pig and therefore cannot guarantee they will work, however there is high homology between the immunogen and the guinea pig sequence for all three. Normally we predictlikely reactivity if there is 85% homology of the immunogen with the species, and for ab15000 there is 91%, ab85146 is 90% and ab86930 is 93%. The two phospholambin antibodies ab85146 and ab86930 are very similar. They are both rabbit polyclonal purified antibodies and have similar likelihood of reactiving with guinea pig. They do have difference concentrations and volumes (ab85146 is provided at 1ug/ml and 100 ul; ab86930 is 0.5 ug/ml and 200 ul) and have different immunogens. Either would be a good choice.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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