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One more time, many thanks for the quick feedback. Greatly appreciated. The problem here is that we have already bought the antibody based on its described cross-reactivity to rat plasma kallikrein. We will do as you suggest below, though.

To be perfectly honest, this is more than a little bit annoying. If the information about the antigen used was clearer, I would have found out about this BEFORE buying the antibody, and without wasting my time to enquire by email. We have an urgent need for an anti-rat PK antibody for western-blot applications. Can you help us identifying a suitable one ?


This is frustrating for us too, finding incorrect information on our datasheets. We try to minimize it but there is clearly work to be done.

I did not realize you had already purchased the antibody. If you would still like to try it with rat samples and it fails, I will offer a refund or credit or replacement with another antibody. Otherwise, I can send you instructions on how to return it for a full refund.

Of the other KLK1B antibodies, ab43084 and ab44203 have similar differences with the rat protein (8/35 and 10/35 residue mismatches respectively). It is unlikely these have been tested with rat tissues as they are from the same laboratory that provided ab44392. I am confirming with that lab.

The other two candidates are ab116517 and ab75228 but the latter appears to be detecting the heavy chain (as does ab1006). I will have the originating laboratory align the ab116517 immunogen with the rat KLK1B sequence, and will confirm if it is on the light chain.

Antibody ab1006 reactivity with rat was not confirmed in-house but was added to the datasheet based on the second reference listed on the datasheet, which shows a blot in figure 5A.

Morris KE et al. Autonomic nervous system regulates secretion of anti-inflammatory prohormone SMR1 from rat salivary glands. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 296:C514-24 (2009). PubMed: 19109528

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