Mounting media and blocking sera for cell imaging

High-quality reagents to support your cell-imaging experiments, including mounting media and sera for blocking.​

Mounting media

Fluoroshield is an aqueous mounting medium with a unique formulation that prevents rapid photobleaching of commonly used fluorescent labels during your experiment. In addition, fluorescence of the sample is retained during prolonged storage at 4°C in the dark.

CyGEL™ is a novel thermoreversible hydrogel that enables easy immobilization of live non-adherent cells and organisms, and their subsequent recovery after microscopy. CyGEL™ is liquid when cold and a gel at ~21°C. It is optically clear with low autofluorescence. For imaging experiments longer than 2 hours, we recommend CyGEL Sustain™, which is specially formulated to allow addition of RPMI and similar culture media, enabling cells to survive for hours.

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Sera for blocking

Most immunostaining protocols include a blocking step to reduce non-specific binding of the antibody. We offer high-quality sera from a number of different species, including goat, donkey, guinea pig, mouse and rabbit. Simply match the serum species to the species that the secondary antibody was raised in.  

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