Anti-PEG RabMAb® products for immunohistochemistry

Find out how you can use our anti-PEG antibodies for immunohistochemistry (IHC). 

As shown in the following IHC images, anti-PEG RabMAb®  primary antibodies can be used to precisely detect localized PEGylated antigens in various paraffin-embedded tissue samples.

Mice were in injected intraperitoneally with 100 µg of BSA-PEG as an antigen. Heart, kidney, liver and spleen tissue were stained 4 hours post-injection using an anti-PEG RabMAb primary antibody.



Immunohistochemical analysis of: 1a. Mouse heart tissue and 1b. Mouse kidney tissue 4 hours post-injection of 100 ug of BSA-PEG using Anti-PEG RabMAb primary antibody (ab51257).

Immunohistochemical analysis of: 1c. Mouse liver tissue and 1d. Mouse spleen tissue 4 hours post-injection of 100 ug of BSA-PEG using Anti-PEG RabMAb primary antibody (ab51257).

Immunohistochemical analysis of: 1e. Negative control - Mouse heart tissue 1f. Negative control - Mouse kidney tissue ​using Anti-PEG RabMAb primary antibody (ab51257).

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