Our NanoString collaboration to offer GeoMx™-formatted antibodies for use with the GeoMx™ Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP)

Get the best antibodies for your digital spatial profiling.

To profile the biology of a system, it is critical to explore a broad set of protein and RNA markers. NanoString's GeoMx RNA and Protein Assays allow you to perform high-plex, spatially resolved analysis of up to 96 protein or RNA targets with a single tissue slide.

Abcam has partnered with NanoString to provide custom GeoMx-formatted versions of our IHC-validated recombinant monoclonal antibodies. This service offers researchers the flexibility to customize the GeoMx Protein Assays with up to five custom antibodies.

To discuss your custom GeoMx-formatted antibody needs please contact us.

To learn more about the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling technology, instrument, or sample profiling services, please learn more on NanoString's website or contact NanoString.


IHC-validated antibodies suitable for GeoMx formatting

GeoMx Protein Assays use a high-plex cocktail of oligo-labeled antibodies, which are bound to tissue sections using standard immunohistochemical staining methods

Firstly, tissues are visualized with up to four additional fluorescent dye-labeled antibodies for selection of regions of interest (ROI) for profiling.

Then, oligonucleotide tags are decoupled from the antibodies from discrete ROI via UV light exposure. Released tags are aspirated with a micropipette without ever touching the tissue, dispensed in a 96-well plate and ultimately quantitated in a standard NanoString nCounter® assay. Finally, counts are mapped back to tissue location, yielding a spatially-resolved digital profile of protein abundance.

We offer a custom conjugation service to provide GeoMx-formatted antibodies. Abcam will supply a panel of up to five GeoMx-formatted antibodies for spiking into your NanoString GeoMx Protein Assay cores or modules. We will also provide the Probe R reagent required to use in combination of every GeoMx-formatted antibody.

GeoMx Protein Assays require highly specific and sensitive IHC-validated such as Abcam's recombinant monoclonal antibodies. Using recombinant antibodies also ensures that performance is consistent, with no lot-to-lot variation.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information about GeoMx DSP, or our customized GeoMx-formatted antibody service.

Illustration of DSP experiment using a panel containing Abcam's recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies. Regions of interest (ROI) are identified using fluorescent dye conjugated antibodies against CD3, CD20 and PanCK. Within each ROI, the degree of staining is identified for each oligo-conjugated antibody in the cocktail.

How to order

To place an order for a GeoMx-formatted antibody or antibody panel, please contact us.

Although not critical, it will help us if you can provide the following information:

  • The Abcam product code of your selected IHC-validated recombinant monoclonal antibody in carrier-free format
  • Which tissue types you intend to use with the GeoMx assay, and how that tissue has been prepared
  • How many slides you expect to test
  • Which NanoString GeoMx panels and modules you intend to use with Abcam’s custom antibodies
  • Whether or not you plan to incorporate the new Abcam’s custom GeoMx-formatted antibody in a custom panel with any other GeoMx-formatted antibodies provided by Abcam.

Lead times

Once we understand your needs, we will provide a quotation with an estimated lead time. The oligo-conjugation service consumes a significant amount of carrier-free antibody. If we have sufficient antibody in stock in our US office, we expect a 5–6 week lead-time for US customers and 6–7 weeks for customers in Europe. If our conjugation service is especially busy, then the lead time may be 8–10 weeks for US customers and 9–11 weeks for customers in Europe. Lead times in other regions will vary.

The antibodies we have stock for are listed below. We are able to offer this service for all our recombinant antibodies, but if we do not have sufficient carrier-free antibody in stock, lead times may be longer. 

Production and QC

Once your order is placed, we will process the antibody, by conjugating an oligonucleotide tag to it, so that it is suitable for use in a GeoMx Protein Assay. We will QC test the antibody to confirm successful oligo-conjugation. The oligo-conjugated antibody will be tested in conventional chromogenic IHC alongside the same unconjugated antibody to confirm that the specificity of the antibody has not changed. A complementary Probe R oligo will also be provided to use the GeoMx-formatted antibody in a GeoMx Protein Assay.

Using the antibody and Probe R

To learn how to incorporate the Abcam’s GeoMx formatted antibodies into your panel, please refer to the NanoString's DSP protocol book. If you are running the experiment in-house using a GeoMx DSP Profiler instrument, you will need a software widget from NanoString to use the Abcam antibody and Probe R. To obtain this, you should email NanoString at GeoMx@nanostring.com, sending them a spreadsheet that we will provide to you with the relevant code details.

List of antibodies with reserved stock for production of custom GeoMx-formatted antibodies

Please contact us if your antibody of interest is not in this list. You can find our full range of in-house recombinant IHC validated antibodies here.

Arc antibody [EPR18950]

IL-5RA antibody [CAL40]

Aurora A antibody [EP1008Y]

iNOS antibody [SP126]

Bcl10 antibody [EP606Y]

Integrin alpha V beta 8 antibody [CAL16]

Bcl-XL antibody [E18]

Integrin beta 1 antibody [EPR16895]

BRAF antibody [EP152Y]

Lactate Dehydrogenase antibody [EP1563Y]

Calreticulin antibody [EPR3924]

Lambda Light chain antibody [SP147]

Cathepsin D antibody [EPR3057Y]

LAMP1 antibody [EPR4204]

CCR6 antibody [EPR22259]

LAMP2 antibody [EPR19512]

CD103 antibody [EPR4166(2)]

Met (c-Met) antibody [CAL12]

CD105 antibody [EPR10145-12]

Met (c-Met) antibody [EP1454Y]

CD133 antibody [EPR20980-104]

MUC1 antibody [EPR1023]

CD15 antibody [SP159]

Myelin Basic Protein antibody [EPR21188]

CD16 antibody [EPR22409-124]

N Cadherin antibody [EPR1791-4]

CD16 antibody [SP175]

Nanog antibody [EPR2027(2)]

CD19 antibody [EPR5906]

NCAM1 antibody [CAL53]

CD21 antibody [EP3093]

NCAM1 antibody [EP2567Y]

CD26 antibody [EPR20819]

Nestin antibody [EPR1301(2)]

CD3 epsilon antibody [CAL54]

NKG2A + NKG2E + NKG2C antibody [EPR22137]

CD33 antibody [SP266]

Nrf2 antibody [EP1808Y]

CD36 antibody [EPR6573]

Oct4 antibody [EPR17929]

CD38 antibody [SP149]

p150 CAF1 antibody [EPR5576(2)]

CD42b antibody [EPR6995]

P4HB antibody [EPR9498]

CD63 antibody [EPR5702]

p75 NGF Receptor antibody [EP1039Y]

CD69 antibody [EPR21811]

Pan Trk antibody [EPR17341]

CD73 antibody [EPR6114]

Parvalbumin antibody [EPR13091]

CD81 antibody [EPR21916]

PD1 antibody [CAL20]

CD90 / Thy1 antibody [EPR3133]

PDGFR beta antibody [Y92]

CDKN2A/p16INK4a antibody [EPR1473]

PHF1 antibody [EPR14222]

c-Fos antibody [EPR21930-238]

PRAME antibody [EPR20330]

Chromogranin A antibody [EP1030Y]

Profilin 1 antibody [EPR6304]

Claudin18.2 antibody [EPR19202-244]

PSD95 (phospho S418) antibody [EPR2618Y]

Collagen I antibody [EPR7785]

PTEN antibody [SP218]

COX2 / Cyclooxygenase 2 antibody [EPR12012]

RAGE antibody [EPR21171]

CXCR4 antibody [UMB2]

Rb antibody [EPR17512]

DYNLL1 / PIN antibody [EP1660Y]

Sialoadhesin/CD169 antibody [SP213]

E Cadherin antibody [EP700Y]

SLAMF7/CS1 antibody [CAL7]

E Cadherin antibody [SP64]

SLC1A5/ASCT2 antibody [CAL33]

ErbB 2 antibody [EP1045Y]

Smad2 antibody [EP784Y]

Frataxin antibody [EPR21840]

Smad3 (phospho S423 + S425) antibody [EP823Y]

Galectin 3 antibody [EP2775Y]

Sodium Potassium ATPase antibody [EP1845Y]

GITR antibody [CAL61]

SOX10 antibody [SP267]

Glutamine Synthetase antibody [EPR13022(B)]

STRAD antibody [EPR15603]

Glutathione Peroxidase 4 antibody [EPNCIR144]

Sumo 1 antibody [Y299]

GSK3 beta antibody [Y174]

Syndecan-1 antibody [SP152]

Heme Oxygenase 1 antibody [EP1391Y]

TIM 3 antibody [CAL68]

HMGB1 antibody [EPR3507]

TLE 1 antibody [EPR9386(2)]

ICAM1 antibody [EP1442Y]

TOMM20 antibody [EPR15581-39]

IgA antibody [EPR5367-76]

TOMM20 antibody [EPR15581-54]

IgD antibody [EPR6146]

Transferrin Receptor antibody [EPR20584]

IL-18 antibody [EPR19954-188]

VEGFA antibody [EP1176Y]

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