Effector T cell markers

Accurately phenotype human effector T cell subsets with the best markers.

​​So that you can quickly and accurately find the most relevant markers for immunophenotyping human effector T cells, we've compiled markers from the literature into a detailed poster. The poster includes

  • A summarized T cell differentiation lineage
  • Surface and secreted markers
  • Transcription factor markers

Cell type
Surface markersSecreted markersTranscription factor markers
Naïve CD4+ T cellCD4+, CD45RA+, CD45RO-,  CCR7+

Th1 cellCD4+, CXCR3+, CCR5+, IL12Rβ2+IFN-γ+T-bet+
Th2 cellCD4+,  CCR4+, IL12Rβ2-IL-4+, IL-5+GATA3+
Th9 cellCD4+, CCR3+, CCR6+IL-9+PU.1/Spi1+
Th17 cellCD4+, CCR6+, CCR4+, NK1.1+IL-17+
Th22 cellCD4+,  CCR10+, CCR4+, CCR6+IL-22+
Treg cellCD4+,  CD127+,  CD25+,  CTLA-4+IL-2+FOXP3+
Tfh cellCD4+,  CXCR5+,  CD40L+,  ICOS+IL-21+Bcl-6+
γδ T cellTCRγ/δ+, IL23R+IL-17+RORγt+
NKT cellTCR Vα24+, TCR Vβ11+IFN-γ+, IL-4+
Naïve CD8+ T cellCD8+, CD45RA+,  CD45RO-,  CCR7+,  CD28+IFN-γ+, IL-2+
Cytotoxic CD8+ T cellCD8+, CCR7-IFN-γ+, Perforin+,  Granzyme+

For additional cell types, take a look at our immune cell markers poster where you can easily select myeloid and lymphoid lineage-specific markers for both human and mouse.


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