Epitope tag and reporter protein antibodies

Epitope tags simplify the identification of recombinantly produced proteins.

By introducing a unique sequence of amino acids into a recombinant protein, antibodies against the corresponding epitope tag can help you track protein expression and visualize the protein in tissues, cells and organelles.

Our range offers

  • Highly-specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, including RabMAb® technology
  • Conjugates to the Alexa Fluor® dye series, HRP, FITC, Biotin, and Agarose
  • Coverage of the most common epitope tag antibodies

Epitope tag sequences​ and antibodies


TagTag sequenceAntibodies
Myc tagEQKLISEEDLMyc tag antibodies
His tagHHHHHHHis tag antibodies
HA tagYPYDVPDYAHA tag antibodies  
V5 tagGKPIPNPLLGLDSTV5 tag antibodies
T7 tagMASMTGGQQMGT7 tag antibodies
Glu-Glu tagCEEEEYMPMEGlu-Glu tag antibodies
S tag-S tag antibodies
DDDDK tagDYDDDDKDDDDK antibodies (equivalent to FLAG from Sigma)

View antibodies to other tags

Anti-Myc tag (ab32)staining the Myc tag in HEK293 cells transfected with pCMV4-Myc-Mfn2 plasmid by ICC/IF.

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