Antibody validation standards

In this whitepaper we explore raising antibody standards with improved manufacturing and validation techniques.

We’re currently facing a problem with reproducibility in science, with 70% of researchers having failed to reproduce experiments1. With so much research often built on previous work, consider how much further we could push scientific discovery if we weren’t limited by shortcomings in reproducibility.  

Here we explore the role that antibody quality, specificity, and consistency has played in this and our ongoing strategy to address these issues. We outline our four main approaches to deliver you more specific and consistent reagents:

  • Confirming antibody specificity via our ongoing knockout validation initiative
  • Establishing and maintaining the highest standard of reagents developed both externally and internally
  • Our long-standing commitment to providing extensive and open data, and our efforts to continuously listen and respond to your feedback through our Abreviews system
  • Ensuring that we are always generating the most useful and relevant products by pioneering new technologies

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1. Baker, M. Nature 533, 452–454 (2016).

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