Antibodies for detecting Myelin Basic Protein

Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) is a key protein for myelination of nerves within the nervous system.

MBP isoforms are found in both the central and the peripheral nervous system, whereas Golli-MBP isoforms are expressed in fetal thymus, spleen and spinal cord, as well as in cell lines derived from the immune system.  The reduction in the surface charge of citrullinated and/or methylated MBP could result in a weakened attachment to the myelin membrane. This mechanism could be operative in demyelinating diseases such as chronical multiple sclerosis (MS), and fulminating MS (Marburg disease).

ICC/IF image of Anti-Myelin Basic Protein antibody [IGX3421] (ab209328) staining in SK-N-SH (Human neuroblastoma cell line) cells.  The cells were then incubated overnight at +4°C with ab209328 at a 5µg/ml concentration, then detected with a donkey anti-human (Alexa Fluor® 488) secondary antibody at a 1/2000 dilution (shown in green). Nuclear DNA was labelled with DAPI (shown in blue), and ab195889, Mouse monoclonal to alpha Tubulin (Alexa Fluor® 594), at a 1/250 dilution (shown in red), visit the datasheet here.

Find the right product for your research

We recommend the following anti-Myelin Basic Protein antibodies for use in your protocol.
Both Abcam alternatives to Santa Cruz antibodies and also Abcam's recombinant antibodies have been provided.

Santa Cruz product codeAbcam alternativeHost/ClonalityApplicationsReactivityCloneRecombinant?
sc-13914ab209328Human monoclonalWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P​Mouse, Rat, HumanIGX3421Recombinant
sc-71546ab133620Rabbit monoclonalWB, IHC-P    ​Human​EPR6652Recombinant
sc-98882ab155995Rabbit monoclonalWBMouse, Rat, HumanEPR10144Recombinant
sc-13912ab40390Rabbit polyclonalICC/IF, WB, IHC-FoFr, IHC-Fr, IHC-PMouse, Rat

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