Our commitment to providing quality imaging reagents

Products are continuously tested to provide consistent performance and relevant data. Whether it is antibodies, kits or small molecules and inhibitors.

In my experience, these antibodies perform very well and the experimental results are reliable and consistent.”

- Dr Scott Altmann, HPL Apomics

Manufacturing excellence

  • Over 16 years of developing and manufacturing reagents in house guarantees consistency and quality.

High standards of validation

  • A team of dedicated research scientists feed current knowledge into the product testing process delivering high quality reagents.

Partnering with experts

  • We maintain close connections with academic and industry experts to perform specialized testing and to provide insight to our imaging validation processes.

Stability testing

  • Our lab performs stability testing to provide you with accurate storage temperature recommendations for maximal performance.


  • If for any reason the imaging reagent does not work as stated on the datasheet, we will provide a replacement or refund for up to 12 months from the date the product was delivered.

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