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Perfect for immunohistochemistry (IHC): the third RabMAb® advantage

RabMAb® antibodies offer increased sensitivity with no loss of specificity, making them ideal for demanding applications like IHC on FFPE tissues.

RabMAb rabbit monoclonal antibodies permit higher working dilutions (5–10X on average) and can be used with various tissue fixations, such as FFPE at minimal level of pretreatment. RabMAb antibodies are always tested on human lymphoid/lymphoma tissue micro-array (TMA) constructed with FFPE tissues for immunohistochemical staining. Additionally, when used along with a mouse monoclonal, one can perform dual staining with two monoclonal antibodies for high quality double staining on the same tissue sample.

Our Custom Services team also has a demonstrated record of success developing custom rabbit monoclonal antibodies with increased sensitivity making them “best in class” for IHC. 

“The rabbit monoclonal antibody against Ercc1 (ab129267) worked beautifully on the first try of our IHC experiments. Our lab works with mice that have either knocked-out Ercc1 or a lower expression of Ercc1 (25% expression). There is a clear difference between the expression of a WT, KO, and lower expression Ercc1 in all tissues (picture of testis shown).”

Researcher, The Scripps Research Institute

HER2 RabMAb antibody IHC comparison

A comparison of a HER2/ErbB2 RabMAb antibody with leading commercially available HER2/ErbB2 rabbit polyclonal (vendor A) and mouse monoclonal (vendor B) antibodies on FFPE human breast carcinoma tissue. Our recommended IHC protocol and dilution factor were used for each case, the antibody concentrations used are listed below the images for each stain.

HER2 RabMAb antibody  [3 ng/mL]

Rabbit polyclonal antibody (vendor A) [20 ng/mL]

Mouse monoclonal antibody (vendor B)  [30ng/mL]

Examples of double staining using RabMAb antibodies

CK8 and Ki67

IHC on human urinary bladder cancer tissue using anti-CK8 RabMAb (ab53280) with Fast Red and anti-Ki67 Mouse MAb with DAB.

HER2 / ErbB2 and ER Alpha

IHC on human breast cancer tissue using anti-HER2/ErbB2 RabMAb (ab134182) with Fast Red and anti-ER Alpha Mouse MAb with DAB.

AIF and p53

IHC on human prostate cancer tissue using anti-AIF RabMAb (ab32516) with Fast Red and anti-p53 Mouse MAb with DAB.

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