Rabbit monoclonal antibodies to histone modifications

Maximum specificity and reproducibility for your histone modification experiments.

Get sensitive, easy-to-interpret results every time with highly specific RabMAb® antibodies to histone modifications.

These are screened by peptide array to select antibodies that do not cross-react with other histone modifications. Our array covers 501 peptides, including single and multiple modifications, unmodified controls and histone variants.

Recombinant RabMAb technology eliminates batch-to-batch variation to give you a consistent antibody and reproducible results throughout your project.

Histone RabMAb® antibodies (with product code)
Histone H3 (ab176842)H3K9me3  (ab176916)H3K4me1  (ab176877)
H3K4me3      (ab213224)
H3K27me3 (ab192985)H3K27M mutant (ab190631)H3R2cit      (ab176843)
H3S10p      (ab177218)
H2A.X S139p (ab81299)
Histone H4 (ab177840)
H4K16ac   (ab109463)

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Most of these antibodies are tested in ChIP, available conjugated with multiple fluorophore/reporters such as Alexa Fluor® dyes or HRP, and available in 10 µL trial sizes. Check the product pages for specific information.

Alexa Fluor® is a registered trademark of Life Technologies. Alexa Fluor® dye conjugates contain(s) technology licensed to Abcam by Life Technologies.

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