Recombinant RabMAb® antibodies

We’ve combined the advantages of our RabMAb rabbit monoclonals with recombinant technology to deliver industry-leading antibodies.

In order to provide you with antibodies that have excellent sensitivity with the highest degree of consistency, we have engineered recombinant versions of our RabMAb rabbit monoclonal antibodies. This combination delivers a number of unique advantages.

At the moment, we have over 10,000 recombinant RabMAb antibodies and can also offer a custom RabMAb development service.

Table 1. The benefits of recombinant antibodies and RabMAb antibodies

RabMAb rabbit monoclonal antibodiesRecombinant antibodies
Low backgroundHigh consistency and reproducibility
High specificityImproved sensitivity
High affinity (10-12 kD possible)Improved specificity
Diverse epitope recognitionAnimal-free production

In addition to the benefits of recombinant antibodies and RabMAb antibodies, recombinant RabMAb antibodies are

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