Recombinant antibodies: highly reproducible with tailored specificity

Making an antibody using recombinant technology offers benefits around consistency, specificity, and scalability.

Generation of recombinant antibodies

Recombinant antibodies are manufactured by cloning the immune-specific heavy and light antibody chains into high-yield expression vectors. The resulting vectors are introduced into expression hosts (eg bacteria, yeast or mammalian) for the manufacturing of high-quality functional antibodies.

Recombinant antibodies can be constructed in vitro by forming an Ig-framework through cloning of ScFV or Fab or can be produced from an existing hybridoma.  In hybridoma-based recombinant antibody generation, mouse, rat, and rabbit models are commonly used. However, as long as the appropriate oligonucleotide primers are available, recombinant antibodies can be developed from any species.

Benefits of recombinant antibodies

Recombinant antibodies offer several advantages over both traditional monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies:

  • Improved consistency and reproducibility
    Because recombinant antibodies are developed from a unique set of genes, antibody production is controlled and reliable. Several problems with hybridoma production can be avoided, such as gene loss, gene mutations, and cell-line drift. This leads to antibodies with very little batch-to-batch variability, giving you highly reproducible results. 
  • Improved sensitivity and specificity
    With recombinant technology, it is easier to improve both antibody specificity and sensitivity through antibody engineering. The selection process for the desired clone occurs at both the hybridoma and recombinant cloning stages, allowing us to select the most favorable antibody qualities.
  • Ease of scalability
    With the antibody genes isolated,  antibody expression can be carried out at any scale and in a shorter timeframe than traditional monoclonal technology. This means we can generate tailored antibodies in weeks rather than months.
  • Animal-free high-throughput production
    Once the antibody-producing gene is isolated, animal-free in vitro production can be implemented. For antibodies generated using our AxioMx phage display technology, even the gene of the antibody can be isolated with an animal-free procedure.

Recombinant RabMAb® antibodies

In order to provide you with antibodies that have excellent sensitivity with the highest degree of consistency, we have engineered recombinant versions of our RabMAb rabbit monoclonal antibodies.

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