Tools to study c-Myc and Myc-tagged proteins

Get the best out of your experiments with our toolbox of high performance c-Myc and Myc tag products.

​c-Myc expression and regulation

For endogenous c-Myc, try our highly validated RabMAb® rabbit monoclonal antibody to c-Myc – also available directly conjugated to HRP and Alexa Fluor® dyes. To study the regulation of c-Myc, our phospho-specific antibodies will help you get your experiments underway.




Product code

Rabbit monoclonal [Y69] to c-MycWB, IHC-P, ICC/IF, Flow Cyt, IHC-P, IPHuman, Mouse, Ratab32072
Rabbit polyclonal to c-Myc (phospho S62)ICC/IF, WB, ELISA, IHC-P, IHC-FoFrHuman, Mouse, Ratab51156
Rabbit polyclonal to c-Myc (phospho T58)IHC-P, IP, ELISA, ICC/IF, WB

c-Myc transcriptional activity

Quantify c-Myc activation in nuclear extracts in a sensitive, colorimetric high-throughput format. Perform ChIP on c-Myc and other transcription factors with ease with our ChIP-seq high sensitivity kit.

KitsProduct code
c-Myc Transcription Factor Assay Kit (Colorimetric)ab207200
ChIP-Seq High Sensitivity Kitab185908

​​Simultaneously profile multiple miRNAs regulated by c-Myc with our Firefly® particle technology. Learn more.

c-Myc related proteins

Study c-Myc binding partners and target genes with our highly validated antibodies and high purity inhibitors.

MAX antibodies and inhibitors:

Cyclin D1 antibodies and inhibitors:

Myc-tag and other epitope tags

You can be confident that our 9E10 mouse monoclonal to the Myc-tag will work on whichever platform you’re using, as it’s characterized better than any other available Myc-tag antibody.

Studying other tags? We’ve got those covered too.

TagProductProduct code
MycMouse monoclonal [9E10] to Mycab32
HARabbit polyclonal to HA tagab9110
V5Rabbit polyclonal to V5 tagab9116
DDDDKRabbit polyclonal to DDDDK tagab1162

HEK293 Whole Cell Lysate expressing DDDDKab20912      
6X HisMouse monoclonal 6X His tag®ab18184

His-tagged Protein Detection Kit (WB, dot blot)ab170734

GST 6X His-tag ELISA kitab128573  

E. coli Whole cell Lysate expressing 6X Hisab2431

See our complete range of antibodies to epitope tags.

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