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Human PSA protein and anti-PSA antibody

I have found many products related to PSA(prostrate specific antigen), one product has been found , having its antibody with it. the catalog # no is (ab 41421) , product description : prostrate specific antigen peptide (Kallikrein loop), used as an immunogen for (ab 28563-kallikrein 3Ab-kallikrein loop.), .

2nd product is PSA peptide (244-254) (ab 45800) having seq. c-termina lhuman PSA, it is used as an immunogen for ab 39983-PSA Ab. but this antibody product is not available.Can you please suggest me any alternate for this .

Please also confirm about their specific reactivity with each other.


Another antibody/peptide combination is Anti-Prostate Specific Antigen antibody - Catalytic domain (ab40949) / Prostate Specific Antigen peptide (Catalytic domain) (ab43085).
Regarding your question: "Please also confirm about their specific reactivity with each other."
I think you are wondering if any of the peptides you mention will react with the other PSA antibodies. For the specific antibody/peptide pairs you note, the antibodies will be specific only for their cognate peptide. These peptide immunogens are short, 10-20 amino acid peptides.

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