Question (76759) | Anti-Proteasome subunit beta type 2/PSMB2 antibody [MCP165] (ab22650)

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I woud like to order some Anti-Proteasome subunit beta type 2 antibody but I didn't find any information about binding site. I would like to know which epitop does Anti-Proteasome subunit beta type 2 antibody [MCP165] (ab22650) bind?


I can confirm that this particular antibody is sourced externally from a collaborator. Unfortunately we are not able to release the immunogen sequence as they consider this proprietary information.

They have confirmed that this antibody recognizes the β2 subunit of the 20S proteasome and the immunogen is dinitrophenylated proteasomes.

We aim to provide as much information as we can to our customers, so I am sorry that this has not been possible on this occasion.

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