Cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors

​​To help you maintain or differentiate your cell cultures and perform functional cell assays, we offer an extensive range of cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors.

Features and benefits

  • Recombinant proteins from several expression systems - E.coli, wheat germ, insect, mammalian and human cells
  • Recombinant proteins from E.coli, wheat germ, insect, mammalian, and human cells
  • Activity level determined by stimulation or proliferation of typically used cells
  • Protein sequence and accession number
  • Proteins from species including human, mouse, rat and more
  • Guaranteed high activity and purity cytokines 
  • Validated in popular application and verified by you through independent Abreviews®
  • Multiple pack sizes for many products
  • Bulk order quotations on request 
Native proteins
Validated in a variety of applications 
Guaranteed high activity and purity cytokines 
Verified by your peers in reviews and high impact factors publications
Comprehensive datasheets 
100% technical support
1 year guarantee
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