Protocols book

​​All our essential protocols including ELISA, western blot, IP, IHC, ICC, and ChIP are now available in one convenient protocols book.

Download the protocols book here

We know how popular our online protocols are so we have produced a printed version covering the most commonly used applications for convenient use in the lab.

This book includes easy to follow protocols and tips for

  • Antibody structure, purification, and dilutions
  • Choosing the right fluorochrome (eg excitation and emission spectrums)
  • Western blotting – from sample prep to troubleshooting
  • IHC and ICC including optimization, staining, and fixation 
  • ELISA (indirect, direct, and sandwich)
  • Immunoprecipitation (IP) including choosing the right beads and preparing lysates
  • ChIP and crosslinking

    This book is designed for anyone working in a lab who wants tried and tested protocols for these techniques. It also includes information on choosing an antibody and storage guides.
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