Question (74865) | Anti-PYK2 (phospho Y579 + Y580) antibody (ab4807)

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Order confirmation, FAK cross reactivity data


On gel systems that resolve FAK (pp125) and Pyk2 (pp116), they will show up as a distinct doublet. If there is a lot of FAK relative to Pyk2, the normally low level of cross-reactivity (due to the fact that the antibodies are negatively adsorbed with the irrelevant phosphopeptides during our manufacturing process) can become a problem. For example, if FAK is present at levels 20-fold greater than Pyk2, then even if the Pyk2 antibodies are 95% selective for Pyk2 vs. FAK, you would see an equal signal for the two proteins.
The reactivity for FAK is removed by absorption with a phosphopeptide with a corresponding sequence in FAK. This kind of adsorption will not be 100% that is why in the cells overexpress with FAK you will see signal.

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