ICC/IF of LP-1 and MY5 cells with ab98568

Immunocytochemistry/ Immunofluorescence
Positive control LP-1 and negative control MY5 (multiple myeloma) cell lines immersion-fixed in 4% PFA, permeablized, blocked in 10% donkey serum/PBS 1 hour and incubated with 1/2000 ab98568 in 10% donkey serum/PBS overnight at 4oC. Washed 3X 5 minutes PBS and incubated with 1/2000 Alexa 488 donkey anti-rabbit F(ab2)" secondary antibody (Jackson). Washed 5X 5 minutes PBS and mounted in DAPI/Vectashield. Images acquired on Zeiss AxioImager FITC channel at 100ms exposure.

Ms. Natalie Erdmann

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Submitted Sep 21 2016

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