Question (12012) | Rabbit Anti-Mouse IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) (ab6729)

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The lot # is: 71496 and the order number: 68495 Thanks a lot.


I have heard back from the originator of this product and would like to pass along the following comments to you (possible resaons why the AP loss activity). a). Researcher diluted the product and stored at 4oC. THE PRODUCT HAS TO BE STORED UNDILUTED. b). The product was accidently frozen, resulting in reduced activity. c). The pipette used for sampling was contiminated, that may accelarate AP degredation. That often happens. If you touched the tips, they may have been contaminated with DNAse, proteases etc. Also AP should be stored in dark tubes. d). During storage, the liquid evaporated to the cap, causing the antibody to dry. e). The substrate was at the wrong pH, or went off, so reaction was not at optimal conditions. I just wanted to pass this onto to you, please let me know if you would like a replacement vial of ab6729.

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