Question (9420) | Anti-RAC2 antibody (ab2244)

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I have a query re your Rac2 polyclonal antibody (ab2244). I would like to know whether this antibody is absolutely specific for Rac2 and whether it cross-reacts with the very similar proteins Rac1 and/or Rac3. For example, has it been tested for a lack of reactivity with purified fusion proteins of Rac1/ Rac3? I need a Rac2 antibody that is completely specific, so any reassurance you can give me would be much appreciated before I consider a purchase. Thank you very much, Regards


Thank you for your question. Our immunogen was PQPTRQQKRACSLL.Cross-reactivity tests have not been done against Rac1 or Rac3, and a BLAST search could only find a significant alignment with RAC2. I hope this information helps you,

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