Question (22759) | Anti-RAGE antibody [MM0520-8D11] (ab89911)

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How was the antibody tested in neutralizing assay? Are there any references?


Thank you for your calls yesterday, and for your patience. According to the lab, the antibody was tested in vitro using a functional ELISA as follows:   If uninhibited, biotinylated AGE-BSA can bind to immobilized recombinant human RAGE coated on Elisa plate. For the neutralization assay, 4 μg/mL of RAGE (100ul) was coated on to the Elisa plate, and 2μg/mL of ab89911 blocked 50% of the binding of 0.5μg/mL of biotinylated AGE-BSA to RAGE. At 10 μg/mL, this antibody can block 92% of the binding. We do not have any published references using this assay. I hope this information is helpful, but please let me know if you have any further questions.

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