Question (40368) | Anti-RANK antibody (ab22106)

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What I get that you are suggesting is that I test this ab22106 antibody using a Western blot and it might work but what I need is an antibody that works for IHC. What is the homology % with the ab13918?


Thank you for your response.

The identities of ab13918 with canine were 81%, with 89% positives and some gaps. This is generally the absolute limit for what we consider to be effective. I chose to recommend ab22106 because it was created with a shorter immunogen which shared similar identies. However the differences between the canine and immunogen are at the very end residues whereas the the differences with ab13918 are scattered throughout.

I hope that this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or there are other ways that Abcam may help you meet your research goals.

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