Question (18072) | Anti-RASSF1a antibody [3F3] (ab23950)

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I have been using the Affinity Purified anti-human RASSF1A (cat no. 14-6888) from eBioscience for a couple of months and was able to detect a ~40Kda band in the extract of the Hela cells as well as of the other cell lines. I thought that this band was the RASSF1A and we have obtained many exciting results using this antibody, but when we repeated the experiment using the anti-Rassf1a antibody (AB23950) from your company, I can only detect that band in Hela extract but not in the other cell lines. My assumption is that the antibody from eBioscience may be able to detect a novel protein with ~40kDa in size that share sequence homology with the RASSF1A protein but the antibody from your company can not. Since we have great interest about this novel protein, I would be grateful if your company could provide me more details about the sequence that your antibody reacts with so as to help me identify this novel protein. The product specialist from eBioscience already gave me sequence that they used to raise the antibody so your information will be very helpful for me to figure out the difference between these two antibodies. We would be happy to provide you with all our Western blotting results if you think is necessary. Thanks alot for your help!


Thank you for your enquiry. This antibody was raised to recombinant full-length hRASSF1a, and not a peptide sequence. The most detailed information we have regarding the epitope of ab23950 is that it specifically recognises the C1 domain (1-340aa) of RASSF1a. I hope this information helps, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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