Question (40488) | Anti-RASSF1a antibody [3F3] (ab23950)

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Attached is the paper showing no expression of RASSF1a in A431 cells: PMID 17698033.


Thank you for sending this paper. I have passed this information on to the lab and my colleague provided the following clarification of our testing:

"During the development of this antibody, our western blot result wasn't good in A431 cells, but we could see it more clearly in immunofluorescence. We concluded that it was due to a very low expression level in A431 cells. It's quite possible that it isn't detected in WB or RT-PCR. We couldn't find any conclusive supporting medical reference for expression or non-expression of RASSF1a in A431 cells."

I hope this helps, please let me know if you need any additional information or assistance.

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