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Our Abpromise guarantee covers the use of ab115831 in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

  • Applications

    Blocking - Blocking peptide for Anti-Glucose Transporter GLUT4 antibody (ab654)

  • Form

  • Additional notes

    ab115831 is the blocking peptide for antibody ab654

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Preparation and Storage

  • Stability and Storage

    Shipped at 4°C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

    Constituent: dH2O

General Info

  • Alternative names

    • Glucose transporter GLUT 4
    • Glucose transporter type 4
    • Glucose transporter type 4 insulin responsive
    • GLUT 4
    • GLUT-4
    • GLUT4
    • GTR4_HUMAN
    • Insulin responsive glucose transporter type 4
    • insulin-responsive
    • kug
    • SLC 2A4
    • SLC2A4
    • solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter) member 4
    • Solute carrier family 2 member 4
    • Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 4
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  • Function

    Insulin-regulated facilitative glucose transporter.
  • Tissue specificity

    Skeletal and cardiac muscles; brown and white fat.
  • Involvement in disease

    Diabetes mellitus, non-insulin-dependent
  • Sequence similarities

    Belongs to the major facilitator superfamily. Sugar transporter (TC 2.A.1.1) family. Glucose transporter subfamily.
  • Post-translational

  • Cellular localization

    Cell membrane. Endomembrane system. Cytoplasm, perinuclear region. Localizes primarily to the perinuclear region, undergoing continued recycling to the plasma membrane where it is rapidly reinternalized. The dileucine internalization motif is critical for intracellular sequestration.
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This product has been referenced in:

  • Bradley H  et al. Quantitative immunofluorescence microscopy of subcellular GLUT4 distribution in human skeletal muscle: effects of endurance and sprint interval training. Physiol Rep 2:N/A (2014). Blocking . Read more (PubMed: 25052490) »
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Thank you for your enquiry and your interest in our products.
This peptide was used as an immunogen for ab654 - Anti-Glucose Transporter GLUT4 antibody and it can be applied in blocking experiment in WB. Currently, we do not have any information if it is suitable for functional assay.
If you need any further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort.

Ich habe rote Kästchen um die Bande gemalt, die ich für die richtige halte. Leider sind Proteinmarker nur eine ungefähre Größenangabe und meine 48kDa sind geschätzt wie übrigens auch die Angabe mit 45kDa auf dem Datenblatt.

Doppelbanden werden auch von anderen Wissenschaftlern für GLUT4 beschrieben:

Ich denke nicht, dass ab654 nicht funktioniert und deshalb wird ein anderer Antikörper wahrscheinlich auch nichtbei derAufklärung helfen.

Wir bieten aber das Immunogen-Peptid von diesem Antikörper an. Wenn dieses mit dem Antikörper inkubiert wird vor dem WB, dann verschwindet die spezifische Bande.

ab115831 (or use the following:

Ich hoffe, diese Information hilf Ihnen weiter und verbleibe

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Thank you very much for sending the image and for providing details about the experiment. The possible reason for appearance of doublet could be the different glycosylated or phosphorylated forms of GLUT4 or the lower band could itself be degradation form, The doublet 45 to 50kDa is shown in many publications so it will be worth checking the literature also Three possible variation of the experiment can be tried 1. Trying blocking the antibody with a blocking peptide e.g. ab115831 and then checking the results 2. Trying a full length GLUT4 protein as positive control (we unfortunately do not have this product) 3.Trying a cell line lysates as positive control which express GLUT4 (Heart muscle lysates, ab29423, ab29431, skeletal muscle cell lysates ab29330, ab29320) I am presuming the protocol used is absolutely fine however I am taking this opportunity to suggest few updates that may make difference. Please ignore if you are already using these. - Use fresh protease inhibitors in lysis buffer. - Heat sample with loading buffer for at 60-70C for 10-15 minutes; do not boil the sample. - Try using 5% BSA for blocking which we normally use in our own lab and which for unknown reasons works better.  I am sure these suggestions will help. Let me know if you want any help in ordering any of these suggested products. Please also do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.

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Thank you for contacting us. As discussed, please send the images and brief protocol info asap. I will look forward receiving your reply.

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Thank you for contacting us. I can finally confirm that the peptide products are now available on our website. Peptide for ab652 = ab115830 Peptide for ab654 = ab115831 I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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