Question (73474) | Rat IL-17A ELISA Kit (ab119536)

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Please find attached spreadsheet with 450nm and 620nm reads. Kit was received this morning and run exactly according to instructions. TMB developed for over one hour due to low color development. We decided to just stop it and run the final read after about 75 min. The numbers here are before Stop solution was added and were read about 60 min into the TMB step.


Thank you for your patience in this matter. There will be a big difference in the height of the OD values measured before and after addition of the stop solution, so you should take your readings AFTER the stop solution.

I would also recommend setting the shaking speed at 400 rpm – we have seen that shaking the plate during the incubation time increases the OD values significantly.

Hope my information is useful., please let us know if you have any further questions.

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