Question (18303) | Recombinant Calreticulin protein (ab15729)

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Hope you've been well, I have a customer who has purchased product# ab15729, and she is using it in western blotting, and wants to know the molecular weight predicted for the detected band, if the product should be used in a reduced or non- reduced form, and the concentration used in the WB to get the bands shown in the picture on the datasheet. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Thank you for your enquiry regarding this Calreticulin protein (ab15729). The MW of this recombinant protein is >47kDa, (however it migrates on SDS-PAGE as an approximately 60-kDa protein band). I would suggest loading 2-5 ug per lane. It will require reducing before running on a western blot. Most antibodies recognise reduced and denatured forms of the protein target in western blotting, unless stated otherwise on our datasheets. I hope this helps!

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