Question (73921) | Recombinant Cytomegalovirus pp65 protein (ab54103)

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One of our customers need to develop Sandwich ELISA for below

1- ab54103

So they will need below for this CMV proteins

2- and two antibodies compatible to this antigen, one of them conjugated to HRP


Unfortunately, we only have 5 Anti-Cytomegalovirus pp65 antibodies only two of which have been tested in ELISA. Unfortunately these two antibodies have not been validated for use in sELISA together and therefore we cannot guarantee that they will work. In addition, we do not have an Anti-Cytomegalovirus pp65 antibody conjugated to HRP.

I would like to recommend checking the Biocompare website which has an excellent antibody search facility that includes many suppliers. The links are:

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