Question (59734) | Recombinant HPV16 L1 protein (ab119880)

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Dear Technical Team,

We are awaiting your valued reply on our below request.

Kindly advise, enabling us to update the customer accordingly, since he needs these informations urgently.

With Best Regards


While preparing the CoC for these products, I realized that we have an important information for the customer: Indeed, some vials of the lot xx ab119880 might contain 100ug instead of 50ug.We had about a dozen vials, for which we are unfortunatelynot able to determine whether thevial contains 100ug or 50ug. The 4 vials you have ordered lately are part of these vials. I am very sorry. Can you please check with the customer whether he had any problems in this regards? Please let us know whether there have been any problems, or whether there might be any problems and I will do my best to solve this.

Thank you very much for your help. I look forward to hear back from you.

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