• Product name

    Recombinant human IGF2 protein (Active) (Biotin)
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  • Biological activity

    Immobilized Human IGFBP-3, His Tag at 5 μg/mL (100 μl/well) can bind ab246181 with a linear range of 0.008-0.1 μg/mL. 

  • Purity

    > 95 % SDS-PAGE.
    The biotin to protein ratio is 0.5-1 as determined by the HABA assay.
  • Endotoxin level

    < 1.000 Eu/µg
  • Expression system

    HEK 293 cells
  • Accession

  • Protein length

    Full length protein
  • Animal free

  • Nature

    • Species

    • Sequence

    • Predicted molecular weight

      35 kDa including tags
    • Amino acids

      25 to 91
    • Tags

      Avi tag N-Terminus , Fc tag N-Terminus
    • Additional sequence information

      Human IgG1 Fc tag. Full-length mature chain lacking the signal and propeptides. The single lysine residue in the Avitag™ is enzymatically labeled with biotin. Avitag™ sequence GLNDIFEAQKIEWHE.
  • Conjugation


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  • Applications


    Functional Studies

  • Form

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Preparation and Storage

  • Stability and Storage

    Shipped at 4°C. Upon reconsitution add a carrier protein (0.1% BSA). Store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycle. Store In the Dark.

    pH: 7.50
    Constituents: 5% Trehalose, 0.61% Tris, 0.75% Glycine

    0.22 µm filtered

    This product is an active protein and may elicit a biological response in vivo, handle with caution.

  • Reconstitution
    It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized product in sterile deionized water to a final concentration of 1 mg/ml. Solubilize for 30 to 60 minutes at room temperature with occasional gentle mixing. Carrier protein (0.1% HSA or BSA) is strongly recommended for further dilution and long-term storage.

General Info

  • Alternative names

    • C11orf43
    • IGF 2
    • IGF II
    • IGF-II
    • IGF2
    • IGF2_HUMAN
    • IGFII
    • INSIGF
    • Insulin like Growth Factor 2
    • insulin like growth factor 2 (somatomedin A)
    • Insulin like growth factor II
    • Insulin like growth factor II precursor
    • Insulin like growth factor type 2
    • pp9974
    • Preptin
    • putative insulin like growth factor II associated protein
    • Somatomedin A
    • Somatomedin-A
    see all
  • Function

    The insulin-like growth factors possess growth-promoting activity. In vitro, they are potent mitogens for cultured cells. IGF-II is influenced by placental lactogen and may play a role in fetal development.
    Preptin undergoes glucose-mediated co-secretion with insulin, and acts as physiological amplifier of glucose-mediated insulin secretion. Exhibits osteogenic properties by increasing osteoblast mitogenic activity through phosphoactivation of MAPK1 and MAPK3.
  • Involvement in disease

    Epigenetic changes of DNA hypomethylation in IGF2 are a cause of Silver-Russell syndrome (SIRS) [MIM:180860]. SIRS is a clinically heterogeneous condition characterized by severe intrauterine growth retardation, poor postnatal growth, craniofacial features such as a triangular shaped face and a broad forehead, body asymmetry, and a variety of minor malformations.
  • Sequence similarities

    Belongs to the insulin family.
  • Post-translational

    O-glycosylated with a core 1 or possibly core 8 glycan.
  • Cellular localization

  • Information by UniProt


  • SDS-PAGE analysis of ab246181 under reducing (Lane 1) and non-reducing (Lane 2) conditions.

    The protein has a calculated MW of 35.4 kDa. As a result of glycosylation, the protein migrates as 40 kDa under reducing conditions, and 66 kDa under non-reducing conditions.

  • Immobilized Human IGFBP-3, His Tag at 5 μg/mL (100 μl/well) can bind ab246181 with a linear range of 0.008-0.1 μg/mL.


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