Question (57143) | Recombinant Human IL-22 protein (ab49821)

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What is the sequence of IL-17 protein?. Does the sequence have signal peptide?
Do you have IL24 and IL22 proteins available?
Could I get these protein HIs tagged as well?
Is the product ab82830 in homodimer or dimerize with IL17F?
Could we get the product conjugated to FITC or PerCP/Cy5.5


Thank you for your phone call.

The protein ab82830 is a monomer; it not homodimer. The amino acid sequence can be found at with protein ID Q16552.

We unfortunately will not be able to supply this protein as FITC conjugated or PerCP conjugated product. I am sorry our lab will not be able to conjugate these on custom basis. I however have requested lab if they can provide this protein in higher concentration so that the conjugation kits can be used.

We will not be able to provide ab49821, IL22 protein as His tagged.

The IL24 protein we have is ab131696.

I will let you know further when I receive a reply form lab.

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