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thank you for your quick response. Regarding IL-24 I have additional questions. I am looking for a solution to control IL-17Ahistagged, IL-17Fhistagged would be the best option. As I understood you informed me IL-24 is an alias name for IL-17F. However I am not able to find proof it is the same gene (on for example NCBI-gene).

Can you try to follow-up on a solution for IL-17F histagged?

Moreover I discovered another product (ab40044). Some questions:

why are there some residues of the signal peptide included -starts at residue 20 instead of 24-?

why this one is so much cheaper than the ab82830?

I realize the histagg is on the C-terminus. This can actually be an interesting control.

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Thank you for contacting us.

Please check the following link; IL24 is synonym for IL17F as given in uniprot protein database however the uniprot ID and GeneID for both proteins are different. I am sorry I am unsure why the name used as synonym but different IDS. You may need to search this in literature. The following are the useful links;

The IL17F protein we have are (this is homo-dimer)

The protein ab40044 is not IL17F it is actualy IL17A or IL17;

I have asked lab to confirm, why the signal peptide amino acids are included. I will send you the details soon.

These products are developed by our collaborators and they are from different suppliers which is why the price is different.

Finally, we can provide the product at ab82830 at 0.5mg/ml which is the lower limit at which the product can be used with conjugation kits.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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