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Could you please help me to find the difference between the following four recombinant proteins SNAP25 you are selling?

Catalog numbers are: ab51048, ab87335, ab155885 and ab74529.


I have been in contact with our lab and products team and indeed there is a duplication here which we are currently trying to fix.

I can confirm that ab74529 and ab155885 are identical and ab87335 and ab51048 are also identical.

The difference between ab74529/ab155885 and ab87335/ab51048 is that ab87335/ab51048 is His-tagged whereas ab74529/ab155885 are untagged proteins.

ab87335/ab51048- SNAP25 (Synaptosomal-associated protein) Human, His- tag, Recombinant, E.coli, 25.4 kDa (226 aa), confirmed by MALDI-TOF.
The synaptosomal-associated protein (SNAP-25) is an essential component of the core complex that mediates presynaptic vesicle trafficking. Thus, SNAP-25 is directly involved in the release of neurotransmitters. Recombinant human SNAP25, fused to His tag at N-terminus, was expressed in E.coli and purified by using conventional chromatography techniques.

ab74529/ab155885 - SNAP25,1-206aa, Human, Recombinant, E.coli, no tag, 23 kDa (206 aa), confirmed by MALDI-TOF.

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