Question (74923) | Recombinant human TGF beta 3 protein (Active) (ab52313)

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We received a TGFbeta 3 (ab52313). It is written on your shipment paper : stored at 4C, stable for at least 3 months. After reconstitution, store at -20C.
When we received this TGF, it has been directly stored at -20C (without any reconstitution). Do you think it can have an impact on the stability/concentration of the protein?


The composition of the storage buffer of the ab52313 is 20% Ethanol and 0.1% Acetate.
Since there is 20% ethanol in the solution, hopefully the protein might not be fully frozen at -20C. Therefore, there is a possibility that the protein still works. However, there might be some decrease in the biological activity but overall it might be worthwhile using it. We would suggest storing it at 4C after thawing out from -20C and adding a carrier and freezing in aliquots if long term storage and multiple use is anticipated. Please be aware that because of this initial freezing and thawing cycle, the activity of the protein might be lower than expected.

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