Question (43550) | Recombinant Wheat Gliadin protein (His tag) (ab124981)

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This is the antibody I bought, ab50602. Can I at least know if it works?

In addition, does the gliadin protein ab124981 at least have an amino group that I can react with COOH?


I am looking into the possibility of ab50602 cross-reacting with the gamma gliadin fragment ab124981. The antibody is raised against alpha/beta gliadin, which according to my alignment, does not share much sequence with gamma gliadin. I have asked the lab that produces the antibody to confirm and I will forward what they report.

I will also look into whether the fragment has any available COOH groups available for conjugation. The C terminus is occupied by the His tag but there may be glutamate or aspartate residues available.

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