Highly cited MMP-9 antibody

Join other researchers in using the most sensitive MMP-9 antibody.

Our MMP-9 RabMAb® antibody has been cited in over 70 publications. See how some other researchers have used this antibody in their experiments.

Largescale transcriptomics analysis suggests over-expression of BGH3, MMP9 and PDIA3 in oral squamous cell carcinomaPLOS ONE (2016)IHC-P
Selective allosteric inhibition of MMP9 is efficacious in preclinical models of ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancerPLOS ONE (2015)IHC
Pepsin-pancreatin protein hydrolysates from extruded amaranth inhibit markers of atherosclerosis in LPS-induced THP-1 macrophages-like human cells by reducing expression of proteins in LOX-1 signaling pathwayProteome Sci (2014)Western blot
Macrophage secretory products induce an inflammatory phenotype in hepatocytesWorld J Gastroenterol (2012)Immunofluorescence
Western blot
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 and cell division in neuroblastoma cells and bone marrow macrophagesAm J Pathol (2010)Western blot

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