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Chromatin binding proteins

Chromatin binding proteins also known as 'readers' contain specific domains that enable them to bind epigenetic modifications. For example BRD4, a member of the BET family, binds acetylated lysine on histones through two bromodomains. Browse our chromatin resources and products such as antibodies and inhibitors of chromatin binding proteins.


A guide to chromatin structure and function

Learn the basics of chromatin structure and function, and how to study chromatin by chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP).

ChIP 2.0 - advanced guide

Our advanced guide to ChIP some of the latest and most advanced ChIP-based techniques, including ChIP-loop, ChIA-PET, ChIP-exo and ChIP-BS-seq.

Chromosome conformation capture (3C)

Discover our guide to chromosome conformation capture, summarizing current 3C methods and helping you to choose the best option for your lab.

​London Chromatin Club: ten years of sponsorship

In celebration of ten years of Abcam sponsorship, we discussed the history of the London Chromatin Club with Andy Bannister, meeting chair.

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A Beginner's Guide to ChIP



Applications of ChIP



Epigenetics glossary


HDAC inhibitors


HDAC inhibitors


HDAC/SIRT activity assays
Histone H3 ChIP-grade antibodies
Histone H3 ChIP-grade antibodies
Histone H3 ChIP-grade antibodies
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