Histones H3, H4, H2A and H2B form the nucleosome around which our DNA wraps. Histone tails are targets of epigenetic modification–including methylation and ubiquitination– that function to regulate gene expression. We offer tools to study histone modifications, such as antibodies and kits for ChIP, ChIP-seq, histone extraction and quantification.


A guide to histone modifications

Learn about histone modifications such as methylation, acetylation and phosphorylation, and how to study their role in Epigenetics.

Epigenetic modifications poster

Created in association with Tony Kouzarides and Andy Bannister of the Gurdon Institute.

Antibodies to histone modifications

Our expanding range of ChIP grade antibodies to histone modifications, from common targets to more recently discovered ones.

Histone extraction protocol

A step-by-step protocol for histone extraction for western blot including the preparation of histone proteins for electrophoresis.

HDAC classes and antibodies

Explore our range of HDAC antibodies, HDAC and SIRT activity assays and HDAC inhibitors.

Scientist of the month

Ever wondered what makes a world-leading scientist tick? Read our monthly interviews with top scientists in Epigenetics research.

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A Beginner's Guide to ChIP



Applications of ChIP



Epigenetics glossary


HDAC inhibitors


HDAC inhibitors


HDAC/SIRT activity assays
Histone H3 ChIP-grade antibodies
Histone H3 ChIP-grade antibodies
Histone H3 ChIP-grade antibodies
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